Toutes ces filles couronnées de langues : tissage

When we talk about a beautiful carpet, we often say that it has a rhythm, that its colors sing, or that the carpet tells us a story, a secret; that the carpet is placed, in relation to our desire, in every erotic position, in every prayer, in every request. For the woman, the carpet is a place inhabited by signs.
— Abdelkebir Khatibi

Toutes ces filles couronnées de langues : tissage [All these girls crowned with tongues : weaving], 2017

Sculture wovenwith carbon fiber, 400 × 600 cm
The sculpture is part of an installation composed by three sculptures created for the movie Toutes ces filles couronnées de langues.

The project is supported by association Al Omarilla, fondations Coeur Maghrébin, Raja Danièle Kapel-Marcovici and Ars Ultima Stein & Guillot Art Fondation, companies Hexcel and Coriolis. We especially thank Fatima, Saida, Zahra, Mina, Khadijah, Amina, Lakbira, Atiqua et Saâdia Cherkaoui, Ghizlane et Heria Hmidouch, Latifa Doublali, Elaziza Belahmer, Hayat Souktani, Fatiha Ali Oubane, Hafida Benaicha, Fatima Esouktani, Rabia Aicha, Naima Ettouile and Christian Guillaume without whose efforts this would not have been possible.