Toutes ces filles couronnées de langues : les instruments

Poetics and politics are intertwined. Our reality is shaped by our language. It is governed by a straight mind. In order to deconstruct it, one needs to name things differently. Language is performative. One needs to invent a new language, a new form of exchange to invent one’s own rules. Here, it will be without words, in movement. It may be modified, enrich itself continuously. The scultpure-intruments are its form, shared by Toutes ces filles couronnées de languess community. 

A sound device vibrates each of the copperplates: these capture and amplify the sounds. The sound is at the same time produced and conducted by the plate. It is an autonomous antenna. When the plates are manipulated in a group, the bodies getting closer from one another produce feedback phenomena which are modulated by the performers movements. 

Two sequence shots from the film All these girls crowned by tongues are projected on a loop. One shows instruments being manipulated in the Lanzarote volcanic landscape, the way they interact. One sees the space, a crater’s immensity. The other shows the five performers faces in close-up. They look at each other, touch each other. They sometimes laugh. The camera is wandering into the mass formed by these five bodies. One switches from one face to the other, they fill the entire field. The double projection mirrors the two scenes, landscape and group, the bond between them: these instruments that allow them to communicate.

Toutes ces filles couronnées de langues : les instruments [All these girls crowned with tongues : intruments], 2019

In collaboration with Amélie Giacomini

Installation composed of five sculptures (variable dimensions, copper, micro piezoelectric, transducer, electronic elements), two video projections (12 min 55) and a sound installation (12 min 55).

With: Nathalie Broizat, Silvia Di Rienzo, Anna Gaïotti, Pauline Lorillard and Susanne Schmidt
Photography: Thomas Favel and Michele Gurrieri
Sound: Raphaële Dupire

Sculptures were made in collaboration with Thierry Madiot.
The installation was produced by Lafayette Anticipations, fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, 2019.

Pictures were taken by Romain Darnaud during Bels animal, Château du Feÿ, Bourgogne, Fr, 2019. With the support of Brane Project.