Peulplé de feuilles qui bougent

This project was carried out during a three-month residency in AlUla, an oasis in the middle of the desert. Peuplé de feuilles qui bougent is an installation composed of metal structures, sounds and a performance. These structures open a space in which the visitor is invited to listen to the voices of the oasis. Voices – real and fictional, performed and recorded – of women and men, birds, camels, winds, water, rocks, and sand, form a composition in space and time. The installation blurs the line between what has been collected and what has been invented. Among the fictional voices, four memories cross paths in AlUla. Through them, the oasis will indirectly begin to speak.

Peulplé de feuilles qui bougent [Polulated by moving leaves], 2022

Multimédia installation, (sound: 28 minutes)

The sound installation was produced in collaboration with Mélia Roger
The texte was written with Bastien Gallet
Performance: Rashed AlShashai, Asrar Al Zahoufi, Salman Al Shammari, Laura Sellies
Pictures: Malo Legrand

With the voices of Magboula Hamid, Magboula Shuweikan, Aziz AlAnezi, Jameela Al Anezi, Abdulmohsin Al Balawi, Salman Al Shammari, Asrar Al Zahoufi, Houda Alhabanji, Rashed AlShashai, Esther Husson-Perlié, Adriana Kerzanet and Lee Fortuné-Petit

Thanks to Rashed AlShashai, Dr. Hanadi Abokadejah, Dr. Hussein Ali Abualhassan, Hatim AlAnezi, Leo Marty, Vincent Battesti, Ingrid Perrisse, Airelle Mandon, Claire Pinot, Victoria Dabdoub, Khaled Odeh, Yvannoé Kruger, Arnaud Morand, Erwan Kerzanet and Nicolas Becker

This project was produced during a three-month residency commissioned by lRCU – Royal commission for AlUla, Afalula – French agency for for the development of AlUla and Manifesto